In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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 The Plot/Introduction

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Dead Disposition

January 15, 2022
Dr.Joseph Greensboro
This is Dr.Joseph Greensboro...They're coming for me! They're right outside! I can hear them!...I've managed to lock myself in my office, but it wont be long til they get me...We've...We've made a mistake...We thought it was a simple miscalculation...We thought nothing of it...But we were wrong! WE WERE WRONG! We were trying to find a cure for cancer, we were so close...We were so close! Our test subject was cured...At least that's what we thought...A few hours passed and we noticed a rapid loss in his weight, it worried us so we brought him to our contained lab...We were starting to lose him, his pulse was fading and we weren't sure why...His skin grew pale, and his hair starting falling out...He started to get violent, he hit Professor Anna right across the face when all she was trying to do was help...He hit my precious Anna...and damn did he hit her hard...Her eye was black and her nose was broken...We gave him some sedatives and checked his pulse again...He was fine once again...We thought nothing of it, well at least we pretended to...All of us went home that night...but we had no idea...We had no idea what events would follow the next day...We arrived back at the lab to find the containment room's glass shattered...And this glass was reinforced! How in the hell could that have happened? Before I could even turn around a piercing scream came from Dr. Marshall...We all foolishly ran towards it...We should have gotten the hell out of there when we had the chance...*sigh* They took my precious Anna from me...They took all of them...That thing...It killed Marshall...and Marshall got back up and started to try and kill us! I don't know how to explain it...I don't know what's going on...We were just trying to help...We've made a mistake...I'm sorry Anna...I'm sorry I couldn't save you...I love you...No! They're getting in! I only have a few seconds left before they get in...I'm sorry Anna...I'm sorry...*sobbing*...NO! GET AWAY YOU FUCKING FREAKS! NO! ANNA! WHY?! AGHHHHHHHH...*Message fades to static*

"That's the last of the message Sir...That's all we got from the lab that's worth anything...." The soldier replied to his superior, his voice a little shaky.

The General couldn't believe his ears, he was in complete denial and just couldn't accept this was happening..."It's bullshit! How the fuck does something like this even happen?"

The soldier swallowed some saliva, he had fought those things himself...He was the only survivor from his squad, he shook his head from left to right...He grabbed his general by the collar and yanked him towards his face. "I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! OKAY? ALL I KNOW IS THOSE FUCKING THINGS ATE MY WHOLE SQUAD!" He yelled at him, his voice trembling with fear...

The General backhanded the soldier, sending him to the ground. "Calm down boy...We're going to do everything we can to stop what ever the fuck these things are. Suit up kid, you're coming with us to that lab..."

The soldier landed on his bottom, looking down at the ground with an insane smile on his face..."You don't fucking get it do you?" His voice was different, insane sounding..."We're all gonna die...Every single one of us..." He started laughing insanely to himself.

The General backed up a few steps, a little worried about his own safety. He wasn't sure what was going on with this kid, the whole situation had been extremely confusing..."Quit talking like that!"

The soldier lifted his head up, blood pouring from his lips..."Like what? Hehehe." He said with an insane smile and tilt of his head...

The General drew his hand-gun and pointed it at him, "This is your last warning damn it!"

The soldier stood up and laughed some more, licking the blood from his lips as he looked towards the general with a crazed look. Not a single word was uttered...

The General fired off a round at the man, hitting him directly in the chest.

The man merely stood there, his smile changing to a blank lifeless expression. He had been bitten while on his mission, causing him to turn...He slowly walked towards the General, blood dripping from his mouth and wound...

The General fired off more bullets, but out of fear missed a few, and unluckily none of them hit the monsters skull.

The monster lunged itself onto the General, biting his neck and dragging him to the ground to continue feasting upon his flesh.

The General screamed in agony, knowing these were his final moments...He put his own gun to his head and fired, but as fate would have it he had already shot all the bullets in his clip...Forcing him to suffer the painful death of being eaten alive...

The infection has spread exponentially, covering nearly the entire world. The USA being hit the worst...Government and Military no longer exist, nor does humanity...Every survivor is on their own..No one is going to help you...No one is going to save you...You must fight for your own survival...Is there hope for restoring humanity? Or is this the end of all mankind...It's up to you...
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The Plot/Introduction
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