In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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Account Regulations

- No spoofing. Spoofing is when you create a username that is too similar or a variation on an existing name in order to confuse others as to whom a person is. Do not create a username to intentionally mislead others into thinking you are a member of the SHRPG staff or user.

- No offensive accounts. What is deemed to be offensive includes, but is not limited to user names containing strong language, sexually related terms or any form of discriminatory speech. Admins reserve the right to ban or temp. ban any account they deem as offensive. Users banned for this reason must submit a ban review (or wait out the time) before possibly being allowed a new account.

Icons And Signatures

- No inappropriate icons or signatures. This includes but is not limited to nudity, partial nudity, sex and sexual situations. This also applies to vulgar images and all other images that could offend users. All of the above also applies to direct links to sites displaying this material. Moderators reserve the right to decide what is considering inappropriate.

- Do not exceed 220 kBs. You are allotted this amount to do with as you please, but the combination of your icon and your signature should not exceed this total. It will take longer to load the page and may/can crash the site until it is fixed. Which of course, can result in ban or warning.

- No icons or signatures directed at another user without consent of that user. This will be deemed as a form of flaming.

- No flash movie signatures. These are typically too large and also require embedding, which can often cause problems for many members. As a result, no flash signatures are tolerated.

- No music signatures. This refers to signatures that play songs. Other users should not be subjected to the music of your choice; please keep others in mind.

- No signature or icon which prompts any type of pop up for any browser. This is self-explanatory; if your signature or avatar requires a password, please be sure to set it for public viewing.

General Conduct

- Just be nice, don't be a dickhole.

- No one liners

- Don't do too many actions in one post, but this does not discourage long and detail posts; in fact they are encouraged.

- Your posts must be detailed to a degree and must be legible, we must be able to understand them fully with no complications. Though mistakes will always happen, try to prevent them from happening.

-Only allowed to RP in one topic during the infection, but before it there is no limit to how many topics you can be in.

-All topics must be turned based. (Fairly)

-Only Zombie Mods may use the zombies

-No godmodding, your character is not invincible so stop acting like it.

-Characters can die with or with out your approval, so you are always in REAL danger. Work together to survive.

-No spamming/double posting.

- No knowing how to kill zombies perfectly right off the bat. Some zombies will have certain weak points that you must learn from fighting them frequently.

- No using knowledge learned outside of the RPG.

-Have fun.


- All characters must be realistic since this is a realistic RPG. Not everyone can be a black belt, you need a damn good reason to have skills like that. Most of you will just be normal people forced to fight against zombies.

- No breaking character, meaning a character who is always a dick to everyone, but then stops being one when it is convenient for him. This does not mean your character cannot change over time, but it does mean your character must stick to his/her personality.

- Not everyone will be as physically strong as others, for instance a 6'4 200 pound man will be much stronger than a 5'8 175 pound guy, but the thinner man would be faster...Don't be fake about your characters just to make them look better

- I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT FORGOT YOU HAVE WEAKNESSES! You must apply them to every topic and must have your character suffer from them if it comes up. For instance some one with asthma would get exhausted from running for too long, they would have to stop and take a breath. Which would most likely lead to their death unless their allies help.

-You do NOT have unlimited ammo and you WILL run out. If you do not make yourself run out after a fair amount of used bullets, and have gotten no ammo recently a zombie mod CAN force you to no longer have bullets, or ignore all your attacks that require bullets in that gun.

-You may NOT alter the environment for your own benefit, the Zombie mod will set up your environment for you. This means you cannot find ammo unless the zombie mod allows you to.

-You may NOT kill stronger zombies instantly, you may only shoot at them. The zombie mod determines when his zombies die, NOT YOU! Stronger zombies pertain to everything excluding common infect, enraged infected, and swarms.

-If you are a zombie mod, you MUST BE FAIR. This means your environment cannot be impossible to beat, though it can be extremely difficult.

-If you are a zombie mod, NO INSTANTLY KILLING SOME ONE! You can make a death strike towards some one, but you must always give the survivor a chance to escape

- BE REALISTIC! I cannot stress this enough!

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Forum Rules
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