In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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 The Survivors

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This will be updated later on, but as of now I am tired and am going to give you an idea of what the hell I am planning to do here. Well first off let me get the simple stuff out of the way. I know who a large amount of these characters are based off of, please don't tell me, I already fucking know. I want you guys to read these biography's thoroughly to get a feel for the characters, when you use them, try your best to stick with their personalities, stay in character. I'll finish them all later, but for now enjoy the few I have done.

List of Characters

Michael (Mike)
- An American man who worked at Best Buy as a TV salesman before the infection broke out, he was never anything special, just a middle aged man trying to get by. He has gone through three divorces with three different women, and has had four different children. He was never really good at anything, except being a dad, he always thought he was best at that. When the infection broke out, Mike didn't know what to do, his kids were killed in the infection, along with his ex-wives. He is forced to fight and survive against this terrible infection, he isn't sure why he is even fighting anymore, his only reason being as he has said in the past. "I'd rather die fighting, then like a coward on his back. I'm tired of waiting to die, Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!" He is the man with the plan, a natural leader and a rather kind guy, always trying to help others and make friends with the survivors. He is straight to the point and wants to get the job done, he never lets things get in the way. He may seem dark at times but that is just how he is, he has a love interest with Ana, he would never let anything harm her, willing to throw his own life away before seeing her get hurt. He is the one who usually barks out the orders, he is the one who keeps everyone together and alive, a natural leader for reasons he himself cannot explain; his friends just trust him. Every now and then he will say something witty and funny, but not very often.

Height: 6'1 1/2"


Ana Clark
- An American woman who had been a nurse before the infection broke out, she was married to a man named Louis, but he died during the infection, being killed right before her eyes. His reanimated corpse had tried to kill her, she was forced to kill her own husband, well he wasn't exactly her husband anymore. She never had any kids, she hadn't been married long enough, or had enough time to really settle down. She is now forced to fight and survive against this terrible infection, her purpose for survival is nothing but for the sheer sake of being alive. As she has said before, "Every second I'm still breathing counts..." Ana would rather have a bullet put through her head then become one of those things. She has a love interest with Michael, being a little more selfless for him than the others. Her will power is extraordinary, pushing her to do things a normal woman her size could never dream of. She is a kind sweet and caring person, always trying to help others, but when messed with she can become a total bitch who will fuck your world. She is some what sarcastic and has a witty sense of humor, sometimes trying to lighten the situation up with a witty line.

Height: 5'6"


Kenneth Hall - An American black man, he is an ex marine and before the infection he was a police sergeant. Once the infection broke out, he headed out to track down his brother, along the way he ran into some other survivors. His brother had been a marine, Kenneth had retired a few years before him to become a cop. his brother was stationed at a base called "Fort Pastor" not too long before the infection, Kenneth was informed that Fort Pastor had been completely overran by the infected, no one survived. He never gave up hope on his brothers life, almost going out on a suicide mission to get him before being talked out of it by Michael. His purpose for survival is similar to Michael's, as he's said in the past. "I aint gonna die like a bitch, If I'm goin down, I'm takin every one of these motha fuckas with me." He is easily the bad ass of the group, his voice deep and intimidating. He is known for one liners and his bad ass attitude, sometimes it seems like he treats the infection like a game. He isn't very friendly, or much of the social type, but he knows who his friends are.

Height: 6'


C.J. - An American man who worked as a security guard for the mall with his friends Terry, Bart and Billy. They were working the night shift at the mall when the infection hit, Billy was infected and by morning he had turned and tried to kill the other three, being unsuccessful since C.J. poured a single bullet into his skull. C.J. is a cynical and cold man, he was extremely reluctant to help others for quite some time, but after spending more time with his new friends he quickly became by far the most selfless survivor of the group; He is not afraid to die or throw his life away for a friend and is usually the first one to throw himself into a suicidal situation to aid some one. He is quite sarcastic and humorous, always saying something witty to help lighten to situation, he can be serious when it calls for it though. Despite making these new friends, his cynical behavior never really left him. His reason for fighting the infection is simple, he isn't about to go out like a coward, he's going out guns blazing. As he has said in the past. "If peace on Earth means I have to kill every one of these god damn things, then I'm gonna love makin peace."

Height: 5'11"


- A young American man who worked as a security guard for the mall with his friends C.J., Bart and Billy. They were working the night shift at the mall when the infection hit, Billy was infected and by morning he had turned and tried to kill the other three, being unsuccessful since C.J. poured a single bullet into his skull. Terry is younger than most of the others, but that doesn't mean he isn't useful. He is an average guy, a bit of a push over since he is so kind, he is also a bit of a coward; Despite this he is extremely courageous when things get bad. He is very good at making friends and loves animals, he is always trying to cheer everyone up and keep everyone going, basically the nice guy of the group. His purpose for surviving the infection is so that he can grow old with some one, whether it be a really good friend or his lover, he just wants to die naturally. As he has said in the past, "I'm a lover, not a fighter...But I can be a fighter if I can't love..."

Height: 5'9"


- A young American black man who had been a criminal before the infection, he was a thief who would break into homes at night while they were away and steal all their belongings. He had a pregnant Russian girlfriend before the infection, but unfortunately not soon after it she was infected, then eventually turned. This forced Terry to murder both his wife and his unborn child, scarring him emotionally. His life of a criminal is far behind him now, but still comes in handy through out the infection. He is a bit of a gangsta, usually wearing jewelry or having a thuggish attire. Despite this, he is actually a pretty cool guy, he is a bit of a foul mouth and usually seems serious, though he may unintentionally be funny due to his mouth, helping to lighten the situation. He is a team player, always watching out for his friends and working together. His purpose for survival is actually rather loving, he wishes to raise a kid and give him everything he never had, since he had to kill his own unborn one. "I wanted to bring a baby into this world, I wanted to give it everything...That I never had, make it everything I never was, give it the life I never had...But then...Those fucking monsters took everything from me..." His purposes are revenge, being full of hatred towards the infection, he still wishes to raise a child some day.

Height: 5'10"


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