In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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 Infected Health/Damage/Movement System

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Infected Health/Damage/Movement System Empty
PostSubject: Infected Health/Damage/Movement System   Infected Health/Damage/Movement System EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 4:24 am

Basic Infected

Common Infected:
Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 67
Damage: 3 hp
85 Feet per minute

Enraged Infected:
Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 100
Damage: 6 hp
250 Feet per minute

Tier 1 Infected

Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 350
Damage: 15 hp per slice
250 Feet per minute
Abilities: None


Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 100
Damage: 8 per second when pinned, 8 damage for a normal strike
400 Feet per minute
Abilities: Wall Crawler: This creature can crawl up walls and hang from the ceilings, making for a perfect ambush. This creature can grip nearly any surface


Headshot = Immune
Hp: 150
Damage: 10 damage per second when pinned, 7 damage for a normal strike
200 Feet per minute
Abilities: Flight

Headshot = Immune
Hp: 500 (When put together), each limb has 100 health
Damage: 10 when put together, 5 When separated
Abilities: Can split itself and bring itself back together.
150 Feet per minute (When put together), 200 Feet per minute (Each Limb)

Infected Dog:
Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 250
Damage: 15 damage per second when pinned
380 feet per minute
Abilities: Can lead other infected in to attack it's target with it by barking.


Headshot = Instant death
Hp: 250
Damage: 20 per second when pinned
105 feet per minute, 700 feet per minute when leaping
Abilities: Super jump, this allows it to jump and leap extraordinary distances.

Tier 2 Infected

Headshot = Immune
Hp: 50
175 feet per minute
Damage: 5 per swipe, 35 damage to everything in a 15ft radius
Abilities: Boom: He is literally a walking bomb, if he is shot when he is near you, it will hurt.

Headshot = 50+ damage
Hp: 150, Swarm Hp: 50
200 feet per minute, Swarm: 250 feet per minute
Damage: 5 per swipe, Swarm: 4 damage per bite
Abilities: Vomit: The pregnant will puke out a swarm the numbers depend on the luck of the Di. Release: If this creature is shot in the stomach it will release a swarm from there, also depending on the luck of the Di.

Headshot = 50+ damage
Hp: 250
350 feet per minute
Damage: 8 per swipe
Abilities: This creature is extremely fast and can also activate a camouflage, making it temporarily invisible, about 20 seconds to be precise (Two posts). It has a 40 second cooldown. (4 posts)

Headshot = Immune
Mouth = Instant kill
300 feet per minute
Damage: 15 per swipe + knock back, Pounce damage depends on height, it can range anywhere between 4 and 30 damage just on a pounce, when a survivor is pinned it does 20 damage per second.
Hp: 1000

Headshot = 50+ damage
Hp: 1500
200 feet per minute when normal, 310 feet per minute when charging
Damage: 18 damage to each survivor who is trampled over, the last survivor hit will be repeatedly smashed into the ground by his one massive arm, dealing 25 damage per second. 20 damage per punch + knock back
Abilities: Charge: Takes no time to do but the creature cannot make turns very well and once he stops he cannot do it again for one turn (One post), Crush: He tramples the entire team and beats the crap out of the last guy it hits. Two turn coo ldown (Two posts)

Headshot = Immune
Hp: 350
220 feet per minute
Damage: 7 per swipe, 14 damage per second when pulling, 25 damage per second when the survivor is being hung or is right next to the Snatcher being attacked.
Abilities: Stretch: This creature can stretch it's limbs up to a 125 ft, watch out, it is a good climber as well.

Tier 3 Infected (Boss Infected))

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Infected Health/Damage/Movement System
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