In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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 Nick schaffer

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The Exoctic Pickel

The Exoctic Pickel

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PostSubject: Nick schaffer   Nick schaffer EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 2:44 am

Name:Nick M. Schaffer

Nickname(Optional):The suit



Sexual Orientation(Gay,Straight, Bisexual):Straight


Occupation:Part time owner of a gun shop, Gambler


Face: He has a scar underneath his left eye



He is sarcastic and very laid back, he has shown signs of deeper emotion though

{Appearance} Nick schaffer Kq355IxZEaqo3hi356GwTKyy_400

Weapons of choice:Remington Pump shotgun
Nick schaffer 25077

Desert Eagle
Nick schaffer Desert_Eagle

Nick grew up learning the tricks of business and gambling by his fortune seeking father. He grew up in Ravensburg and was always fascinated with guns, so he started a gun shop with his long time friend Drew.He would work the night shift and weekends and then gamble during the day, he kinda was using the stores money too.Then the store and himself ran into a rough patch, and Drew left the store to avoid financial trouble, nick now keeps it open part time to try to keep a steady flow of income.

Skills(What is special about your character are the good mechanics etc.):He has an exceptional aim, though not perfect, he is also a very good driver and a persuader

Strengths(Are they abnormally fast or abnormally strong):He has abnormal charisma

Weakness(For every Strength you must have a weakness, like he can only run short distances or he is slow):he has abnormal bad lungs, he cant run for over 2o mins

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Nick schaffer
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