In a zombie infected world you are one of the last survivors of mankind. Your story begins in the small town of Ravensburg North Carolina. Will you fight this war alone? Or will you band together and fight for your survival in hopes of restoring humanity?
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 Nicko Angelo

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PostSubject: Nicko Angelo   Nicko Angelo EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 2:51 am

Name:Nicko Angelo




Sexual Orientation(Gay,Straight, Bisexual):Straight



Skills:A good tracker,has great aim,able to make small chemical bomb's.

Strengths:Fast for his size,

Weakness:Has a fear of tight places,

Body:Scar on his chest and a Strange birthmark on his left wrist.



Weight:145(Athletic build)

Care free,Easy going,Likes to make jokes,Has a serious side that only comes out when he is in trouble or danger,Likes to explore and for that he is a pretty good tracker.

Looks:Nicko Angelo Nicko2

{Background}Nicko was born in Ravensburg on July,12 in Ravensburg Hospital,He went home and had good parents,At 2 he vanished and was found in a tree in his neighbors yard.Nicko turned out to be quite the little explorer at 6 his parents put him in the eagle scout's,Nicko became the top tracker and a good marksman,Nicko was also good with setting camp and surviving in the wilderness the typical 12 he found he liked swimming and took that up along with his fathers instance took martial arts and Kick boxing,he is now 14 and on the Varsity middle school swim team at the top of his class in history and science and has been suspended twice for making accidental chemical bomb's.

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Nicko Angelo
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